HEELE occupies an intersectional space between indie rock, metal, and industrial music, and is the project of Michael Henss, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer based out of New Haven, CT. Michael also plays drums with the band Hellrazor in addition to HEELE, and although HEELE has been Michael's primary creative outlet it is slowly evolving into a small collective of like-minded musicians. By day he works as a music educator, composer for television, and freelance audio engineer. 

“This music has taken many turns over the last few years. Initially, these songs were heavily influenced by Devin Townsend and then they gradually started to sound more like Failure and Nine Inch Nails. My overall goal is to write music that is moody, evocative, and layered.”


–Michael Henss 

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Still Intact 3.jpg


HEELE can be loosely classified as alternative rock, but in the vein of bands that explore darker textures and themes within their music. HEELE's debut EP Pathos was released on May 14, 2019, and it featured the single Losing It All, a melancholic recollection of an emotionally intense dream. Now it's 2021 and HEELE has released the singles "A New Friend" and "Still Intact." Additional music will be released throughout the rest of the year, culminating with the release of HEELE's second EP.



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